The life of music

The first instrument ever created was made 40000 years ago. the GeibenklÖsterle made the Bone Flute. Whenever one of them killed a bird they would use its bones to make a flute. They use the flute for whenever they would celebrate a tradition. The clarinet was made in 1690. These clarinets where made out of brass and string. We started off with a 3 string violin that was made in 1542-1546 then we made the four string violin in 1555. The snare drum was the first drum ever created. The snare drum was made in the 1300´s.

I play the Violin, Clarinet, Drums, the Bongos, and the Guitar. I got started playing the Violin last year in 5th grade and I’m already in the best class. you can say its a type of professional class. But when I heard what it sounded like I’m like I want to be one of those people playing that instrument. I got interested in the Clarinet because when we met up for band we got to try all kinds of instruments and when I played the Clarinet I really fell in love with it. I got into the Drums because my step sister Hannah plays them and she is giving me lessons. After that first lesson I found out that I could keep steady beat and rhythm. I love the Guitar. whenever I’m in practice I’m like wow I am so lucky to be able to play this instrument. I immediately fell in love with the Bongos as soon as I opened that one Christmas gift and played it I loved it. I said thank you a thousand times to my grandma. I am so happy that I can play all these musical instruments. I really think that God has given me a talent and I am very proud of that talent.    


  1. Hey Candace! If you didn’t know, I am too very passionate about music. Like you, I have played five instruments! I loved your blog, but I did have one question: If you could try any other instrument in the world, what would it be? Please respond as quick as possible. Thanks!

  2. Hey ava! to answer your question I would play the saxaphone because it sounds and looks very cool. I like that your passionate about music like I am.

  3. now if you could play any other instrument what would it be? What instruments do you play?

  4. Hey Candy! So I was wondering if you would be interested in playing something like the guitar or the trombone and trumpet or something?

  5. Hey! It’s Ava again! I saw your question and if I could play any other instrument, it would be the flute or the violin. the instruments that I have played are the guitar, piano, recorder, ukulele, and the Clarinet. What instruments have you played?

  6. hey jessie i saw your comment and well i already play the guitar, but besides that i would play trombone

  7. hey ava to answer your question i have played clarinet,ukulele,guitar,bongos and the violin

  8. Thanks for answering so quickly and I think you possibly could try the trombone

  9. Hi Candace, I love how you told us about the history of insturments, especially scince I play an insturmant myself. 3 things that could make this post better are Star, Wish,Wonder
    Star: I love how you started by telling us when insturments were created
    Wish: I wish would check your spelling/grammer
    Wonder: I wonder if you could have a blog post just about 1 insturment?

  10. hey roxanne i will soon make a blog about one instrument. what instrument do you play

  11. Roxanne your fine and what a quiescence i play the violin also i play in the concert strings

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