Why my avatar looks the way it does

As you know I have a avatar. Some of you wonder why it looks the way it does. Well I’m going to tell you why it looks like that. My avatar has blond hair just like I do. It has the same hair style and eye color. The reason why there is a microphone is because I love to sing. My avatar is at a soccer game singing because I love soccer and all kind of other sports. My character has a panda hat on because I love animals they are my favorite thing in the whole wide world. My avatar has a cool shirt on because when I am aloud to I where those types of shirts they are very comfortable to where.

Here is the website where I made my avatar and what it looks like: face your manga                                                                                                                           


  1. Candace,
    Hi! Your blog made me realize how much you are to some extent like me. I like to sing too. Also, I love animals as well. I don’t get why people are mean to animals. I do have one question about your blog though. What is your FAVORITE sport? Mine would be wrestling. And if you could, check how my EDU blog at: http://kristindgms24.edublogs.org/ I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Candace,
    I am so glad I get to come back to yoour blog and look at your post! This blog post has made me more intrested in creating an avatar. But 3 things you could do to make this post could have been a little bit better are, Star, Wish, Wonder
    Star:I really like how you put detail into telling us about your avatar
    Wish: ( You did really Good there is nothing to fix)
    Wonder:I wonder if there are more things to your avatar the we didn’t relize

  3. hey Roxanne i just visited your blog and it was amazing i read the school one and i loved it

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