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My Favorite Holidays

 One of my favorite holidays is Easter because I get to hunt for eggs and its really fun because we hide our eggs in really hard places like we hide them in trees, bushes and all sorts of places. Another thing that I love about Easter is that we get to eat candy! I love candy and what kid doesn’t like candy I mean come on people its obvious. My favorite candy is sour patch kids because they are sour and I love sour things. I’m more of a sour candy person than a chocolate candy person. If you want to know some interesting facts about Easter then click on this link.

 My second favorite holiday is Halloween because you get to dress up as something you have always wanted to be like you could be a peacock or you could be Harley Quin who knows you can be anything because you are suppose to disguise yourself so nobody knows who you are. If you want to see some interesting costumes then click or tap here but if you want to see some interesting facts about Halloween then click or tap here

My third favorite holiday is Christmas because well for one you can get cool presents like toys, guns, clothes and so much more. My favorite part of Christmas is picking out our Christmas tree. And I know some of you are thinking why do you get a real Christmas tree? Well to answer your question we get a real Christmas tree because its a tradition and we are the only people in our family that do it so we are very proud. The other reason we do it is because we think that a lot of people buy fake ones instead of real ones witch they should buy I don’t know why they don’t and if you get a real tree then good for you. Back to what I was saying we thought that people didn’t buy real ones and all that work that tree farmers did to get those trees to the stores is just a waste of time. If you want to see more Christmas trees then click here but if you want to know some interesting facts about Christmas then click here. 

My fourth and final favorite season is new years eve because you get to stay up late and who doesn’t want to stay up late am I right. I also like waiting for the ball to drop and declaring that its a new years but I’m really excited for 2018 -2024 why 2024 glad you asked I mentioned 2024 because that’s when I will most likely graduate from school. And I cant wait for that to come true. I am also excited for this holiday because I get to see all my family members. The family member that I’m the most excited to see is my little sister Aubrey she is the cutest 2 year old you have ever seen and I’m not kidding when I say cute. I am also excited to see my grandma because she makes the best food ever she is a really good cook. If you want to know some fun facts about new years eve then click here.



Sunset over Washington DC - Christmas DayCreative Commons License Richard Ricciardi via Compfight






Facts About The Violin

I play the violin and there is a lot that you don’t know about them. That’s when I come in in this blog. I am going to give you really cool facts about violins. 

The first fact is that the modern violin has been around for 500 years. That’s a long time. That means that the violin was created in 1517. That is so old.

The second fact is crazy.  Did you know that when you play the violin for an hour, you are burning 170 calories. That’s nuts!

The third fact is that violins are typically comprised of spruce and maple wood.  You probably already know that, but I just wanted to throw that out there just in case.

The fourth fact is that violins are complex. Over 70 different pieces of wood are put together to form the modern violin.

Fact number five is that the most expensive violin in the world was made by Giuseppe Guarnieri in 1741. This amazing violin was appraised with the value of $85 million dollars.

The 6th fact did you know that a bow has 150 to 200 hairs. They can be made up of a variety of materials, including nylon and horse hair, which you probably already knew that, but just in case some of you people don’t play the violin.

The 7th fact is that Violin strings were first made of sheep gut (commonly known as cat gut), which was stretched, dried, and twisted. Other materials violin strings have been made out of include: solid steel, stranded steel, or various synthetic materials, wound with various metals, and sometimes plated with silver.

The 8th fact is that A 3-string version of the violin was portrayed in an early 16th Century painting from Ferrera, Italy, thought to be used as solely a dance-music instrument.

The 9th fact is that a beroza is a pasty substance used for rubbing the bow of a sārangi, violin.

The 10th fact is that Shin’ichi Suzuki, a Japanese violin teacher, founded the Tokyo String Orchestra which introduced baroque music to Japanese listeners.

The 11th fact is that in the early 1900s America saw the emergence of renowned African American fiddlers like Howard Armstrong, who in 1930 recorded what is now a regarded as a legendary session for Vocation Records with the Tennessee Chocolate Drops and played in the 1933 World’s Fair.

The 12th fact is that the electronic violin is a semi‐electric instrument developed in 1938 by Marshall Moss, leader of the National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, and William Bartley, an engineer. The 13th and final fact is that in 1759 Joseph Merlin invented roller-skates. To introduce his invention he entered a ballroom playing the violin. Unfortunately he did not know how to stop and crashed into a full-length mirror, breaking his violin.





About Mr.Jackson

Mr. Jackson is the vice principle at Gray Middle School and I asked him a few questions.

Q: How long have you been working at Gray? 

A: Four years. 

Q: Where did you go to college? 

A: E.K.U. 

Q: When you where a 6th grader how was your experience?

A: His dad was his principle and he did not like school.

Q: Have you had any previous jobs?

A: Yes he was a high school math teacher for eight years. 

Q: What year did this school progress the most? 

A: 2016.

Q: what is your favorite part of being a vice principle? 

A: Gets to talk to more kids. 

Spread The Happiness

My project is called spread the happiness, and I can’t forget that my partner is Ava. We chose this title because we are wanting to make everyone happy. We want to do one random act of kindness at least once a month but where not sure yet.

I am feeling four emotions for this project the first one is that I’m really excited for this project because we are going to make the people that have a rain cloud over there head have a sun over there head. The second one is nervous because what if the person that we try to make happy doesn’t get happy. the third one is happy because when I see someone happy that makes me happy to.

For the month of November we are going to get the supplies we need and we are also going to put are plan into action. The way we are going to put oyr plan into action is that we are going to go to the Kroger parking lot and put nice note in peoples windshields. We do not know what random act of kindness we will do next but I can tell you this much we might make small gifts and put them on peoples door step, but the thing is we might get into trouble, but we might not we’ll have to find out.

Check out my partner Ava’s blog.                  See my Visual Aide for more information. 


say goodbye to copy writing

activity 1

how do you not copy write someone’s work? All you have to do when you use someone’s picture is cite who you got it from. I learned that it is legal if you put a link to where/who you got it from. when you are doing this you need to include four things. you will need to put the author(who made the picture),date(when the picture was made),the title, and a link to where you got your picture from. 


activity 2 


Citizens Bank Park Fireworks | by ADW44

 link and name to the image: The Beautiful

In the dark of the night with the sky so bright

we sit and wait for the time to shine

Boom, pop, crackle shatters the sky

ooohs and haaas from the crowd

lights in the sky like fireflies

blue and gold the tradition is so old

4th of July and Independence day fireworks is the only way

families together no matter the weather