Spread The Happiness

My project is called spread the happiness, and I can’t forget that my partner is Ava. We chose this title because we are wanting to make everyone happy. We want to do one random act of kindness at least once a month but where not sure yet.

I am feeling four emotions for this project the first one is that I’m really excited for this project because we are going to make the people that have a rain cloud over there head have a sun over there head. The second one is nervous because what if the person that we try to make happy doesn’t get happy. the third one is happy because when I see someone happy that makes me happy to.

For the month of November we are going to get the supplies we need and we are also going to put are plan into action. The way we are going to put oyr plan into action is that we are going to go to the Kroger parking lot and put nice note in peoples windshields. We do not know what random act of kindness we will do next but I can tell you this much we might make small gifts and put them on peoples door step, but the thing is we might get into trouble, but we might not we’ll have to find out.

Check out my partner Ava’s blog.                  See my Visual Aide for more information. 


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